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How does Authorisation work when giving discount in a Bill

n Clinicea you can set a threshold value which limits the discount a Staff can give on a bill item. Any discount above the threshold value will have to go through an Authorisation process for approval. So first, Discount Authorisation has to be set up as explained here – How to setup Discount Authorisation

Once this is set, we will now see how it will work.

Example: In a Clinic, the threshold value for Discount is set as 10%. So Authorisation is required if a Staff gives a discount of more than 10% for any item in a bill. Now, while billing a patient named Mr. Doraemon, a discount of 15% is put on a bill item called 1% Predex. So let us see how this triggers the Authorisation process.

1. Go to Financials | New Bill.

2. Select the patient name. Ex: Mr. Doraemon.

3. In the New Bill screen enter a few bill items.

4. Now enter a Discount of 15% on the first bill item. Ex: 1% Predex.

5. You must give an explanation as to why are you giving such a large discount under “**Internal Comments.”** After that you can either enter the payment amount and click on Save or simply Save the bill without paying now.

6. You will get a prompt saying, “**You have given more than 10% to 1% Predex. This will be sent for Authorisation. Are you sure you want to continue?**“. Ex: See the Print Screen below:

7. Click on OK to proceed.
If you think you have made a mistake and want to reduce the discount, then click Cancel. It will take you back to the bill and you can reduce the discount.

8. It will take you to the Search Bill screen. If you re-open the bill, you will see Bill is On Hold.

9. Now the concerned person who will provide the authorisation logs in. He goes to Financials | New Authorisation. This will open the Authorization screen with the Pending list Ex: Mr. Doraemon.

10. So the Invoice No. with the Patient’s Name along with the Bill Item on which Discount is given will be listed under the Pending list in Authorisations with an Approve and Reject button. Once the concerned person has verified the bill, he will either Approve it or Reject it.

11. Once Approved the Invoice No. is moved from the Pending to the Approved list.

12. After the bill has been approved, when you open it now, it will display that the Bill is Fully Paid.

This is how you can set threshold discount percentage and then authorize discounts. Once the discount is approved the bill is accepted.

Updated on: 15/06/2023

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