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How does a Package insulates its price from external changes

Packages are made of Service and Inventory Items. Pricing for Packages is usually done after taking into account a lot of factors e.g. left digit pricing, volume-based discount, slow or fast moving items and so forth. So if the pricing of those services or inventory items changes, you would not want that to impact on the Package and change its price automatically. Clinicea handles this by auto increasing the discounts for each item in the package to make sure the Package Price remains constant. Let’s show you 2 examples.

EXAMPLE 1. Price of Service Items in a Package Changes

Suppose we have the following Package in the system with Service Items and Inventory Item.
_Consultation- Price Rs. 500_
_Hair care- Price Rs. 1780_
_Smoothening- Price Rs. 1778_
_NIZRAL 2% SHAMPOO- Price Rs. 274_

Package Total: Rs. 7465

Now suppose the prices for the Services and Inventory items have changed. Let’s take a look at the impact of these new Prices on the Package items and its Total.

_Consultation- Price Rs. 400 (Price Decreased)_
_Hair care- Price Rs. 1900 (Price Increased)_
_Smoothening- Price Rs. 2500 (Price Increased)_
_NIZRAL 2% SHAMPOO- Price Rs. 200 (Price Decreased)_

Package Total: Rs. 7465 (Remains same)

As you can see the change in Service Pricing increased the discount on those services, without changing the package price.

EXAMPLE 2. Tax Rates on Service & Inventory Items in a Package Changes

Now let’s suppose the Service Tax has increased for all Services and VAT % has also increased for Inventory items. Let’s see how these new prices will be handled in our existing Package.

_Consultation- Price Rs. 472_ (Price increased due to increase in Service Tax)
_Hair care- Price Rs. 2242_ (Price increased due to increase in Service Tax)
_Smoothening- Price Rs. 2950_ (Price increased due to increase in Service Tax)
_NIZRAL 2% SHAMPOO- Price Rs. 236_ (Price increased due to increase in VAT%)

Package Total: Rs. 7465 (Remains Unchanged)

This is how the system keeps the Package Prices stable and insulated from external changes. However, if you want to update the Package Price, that can be done easily as well by going to Tools | Package | search for the Package Name | Open the Package |Update the new Price under Package Total | Save.

Updated on: 14/06/2023

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