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How to use Zoom to do teleconsults

Let's take you step by step on how to use zoom for video calling your patients, once its setup.

1. Open the video call appointment.

2. Once you have made the appointment, open your zoom account. You will see the appointment as well in the format: _Dr. Name - Service with Patient Name._

This sycning is seamless.

3. Time to start. Click on the video call appointment. The patient chart opens up with the right side having the video call details.

4. Some additional features have been added to make the zoom call even better. You can quickly send a reminder to your patient to join.

5. Let's start the call, click on the start call button.

6. Call starts in the next tab.


Once the call is over you can see details in the appointment log itself.


Patients are emailed and smsed the zoom link automatically as per your appointment preference.

The zoom integration is currently a private app so access is limited. If you want to use, please get in touch with us at


Updated on: 15/06/2023

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