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How to create Clinicea App inside Zoom App Marketplace


Go to the Zoom App Marketplace website (URL - and Sign In using the licensed Zoom account credentials shared by the client.

After this, you have to click on Develop and then Build App from the dropdown menu.

Now, in Choose your app type you have to click on Create under the OAuth section.

This will open the Create an OAuth app box, where you have to give the App Name as "Clinicea", Choose app type will be "User-managed app" and Would you like to publish this app on Zoom App Marketplace? should be toggled as "off". Then you have to finally click on Create to create the OAuth app.

Once we have created the app, you have to Copy the App credentials, i.e. the Client ID and the Client secret and save it in a Notepad file.

Note: Here the app name is "Clinicea Dummy" just for training purposes, in the actual scenario it should always be "Clinicea".

Now under Redirect URL for OAuth, you have to set the URL as "" and in OAuth allow list section, you have to put the same URL under Add allow lists. After that click on Continue.

Note: You have to keep this URL in the same Notepad file containing the App credentials.

After this, you have to give a Short description and a Long description of Clinicea under Basic information and Upload the Logo of Clinicea for the app.

Now in Preview content, you can give "images of Zoom video consultation examples in Clinicea". The Company Name will be "Technolarity" and the Category will be "Health & Wellness" and "CRM".

And, in the Industry Vertical you have to give "Healthcare". The Developer Contact Information will be Name - "Dibyendu Shome" and Email address - "".

Now, in Links you can give the Privacy Policy URL - "", Terms of use URL - "" and Support URL - "". And then click on Continue.

After clicking on Continue, under the General Features, you have to toggle the Event Subscriptions as "On" and then click on + Add Event Subscription.Now, after that under New Webhook Event Subscription-1 and in Add Events, you have to click on + Add Events.

This will open the Event types box, where in Meeting, you have to select End Meeting and click on Done.

After that, you have to give the Subscription name as "Meeting End", the Event notification endpoint URL as "" and click on Validate.

You will be notified with: "URL validation failed. Try again later." The URL will not be validated as we are on a private app. This notification can be ignored.

Finally, click on Save and then Continue.

Now, in Add Scopes, you have to click on + Add Scopes. This will open the Add scopes box, where you need to select the scope under the specific scope category and click on Done.

You have to add the following Scopes using Step 13: a) View your meetings, b) View and manage your meetings, c) View your recordings, and d) View your user information. After adding, click on Continue.

Then, in Feature you have to copy the Secret Token under Token and paste it into the same Notepad file containing the App Credentials and the Redirect URL for OAuth.

The App will not be activated right away as the app is not yet public, there is a different process to activate it. Now to view your App, you need to go to the Zoom App Marketplace homepage and click on Manage. You can find your App under Created Apps.

Note: The installation of the app needs to be done from the backend which requires a publish in the API. So, the app will not be active and the Status will be 'Ready to install' at this point in time.

Now, you have to copy the Client's Clinicea Admin Account Username and paste it into the Notepad file containing the App Credentials, the Redirect URL for OAuth and the Secret Token. You also have to save the Head Organization ID of the Client's Clinicea account in this Notepad file.

To get this, you need to right-click anywhere on the Client's Clinicea account and then click on Inspect. This will open the DevTools window. Now under Console, type sessionStorage and press Enter. The Storage element will be loaded, where you will find the LoggedInOrganizationHeadOrganizationID property i.e. the Head Organization ID.

Finally, you need to share all the details/credentials you have saved in the Notepad file with Clinicea's Technical Team. They will use these credentials to install the App which requires a software publish.

So, this is how easily you can create the Clinicea App inside Zoom App Marketplace.

Updated on: 14/06/2023

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