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How to use the QR Reader for E-invoicing in Saudi Arabia

As we know, the Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority (ZATCA) in the KSA had mandated businesses to adopt e-invoicing starting 4 December 2021. Using Clinicea, Clinics in KSA can stay compliant with these regulations and can issue invoices to their Clients as per the required guidelines of the e-invoice. One of the key components of an e-invoice is the QR code. Scanning the QR code helps Clinics to validate the e-invoice and get the details of the invoice.

ZATCA have launched the E-invoice QR Reader app in the iOS and iPadOS App Store to help Clinics in the KSA to validate and verify the e-invoices.

How to use it
Step 1
Go to Tools > Organization > Super Admin > there you have to enable the following option under Medical Data Compliance section

Step 2
Ask the Design team to add the support for QR code in the invoice print template.

Step 3
Go to any invoice > Click on Print > Once the Bill will open scroll down the page, and you will find a QR code to scan > Open the E-Invoice QR Reader KSA app to scan the QR code

Validate e-invoices
Using the E-invoice QR Reader app, you can quickly scan the QR codes on e-invoices and know if it’s a valid e-invoice. Also, you can retrieve details such as:

· Clinic Name

· Clinic TRN,

· Invoice Date / Time

· Invoice Total

· Invoice VAT Total

How to get started?
Download the this android app from Google Play Store or the iOS app from the Apple Play Store.

Updated on: 14/06/2023

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