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How to setup your individual staff account to use personal Zoom account

1. Goto your Staff profile.

2. Scroll to bottom to Preferences and select Zoom Settings.
Note: You will only see this button of Zoom Settings, if your Clinic administrator has enabled zoom as explained here.

3. Click "Zoom Settings".

4. By default all users are selected to use the common clinic account.

However you can opt to change it. You can link to an individual zoom account of yours.

5. Only if you need to linkup to an individual zoom account, are further steps necessary.

6. Click Connect.

7. Once you click connect, a new tab window will open, and at the bottom of the screen you will see "Connecting..."

8. On the new tab, connect to your zoom account.

9. Once you log in to your zoom account successfully, you will get a prompt. Click on allow and get the confirmation.

10. Now you can close this tab and go back to the previous tab. Click Refresh.

11. You are now connected, and you will see that confirmation. A

12. You can disconnect anytime, by clicking on the button, or by reverting back to the common clinic account.

Updated on: 16/06/2023

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