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How to use Document Manager from inside the EMR

Clinicea gives you the option to manage common Clinic Documents and send them as attachments via Email to Patients or External Contacts like Referring Doctors, Labs etc. The Documents once uploaded, can be accessed by Clinic Staff and can be used for all Patients via the Document Library.

For Example: Let us assume you need to send out a Pre and Post Treatment Guideline to one of your Patients via Email. You can upload the Document for this Patient and send it by Email. The Document then gets saved in the Library, which can be re-used later.

Let us have a look at how to use the Document Manager on Clinicea:

1. Select a Patient and open up the Patient Chart | now click on Print.

2. This opens the Print Editor and a fly-out opens up on the right side of the screen with 2 tabs: Templates and Library | click on Library | now click on the “+” button beside Search.

3. A Document window will open | Now select a Document Category from the drop-down menu or type in Ex: Patient Handout | click on Browse to upload the document. Alternatively, you can also Drag & Drop the file on to this page. Ex: Before and After LHR Advice| Done.

You can select up to 6 documents at a go.


4. The Document has been added to the Clinic Library, you can now see the Document appear in the Library section on the right-hand side of the page. You can Email the document by clicking on the Email icon beside the Document name.

5. On the left side of the screen, you will get an option to enter the Email Details.

Click on the +button or type in the Email to field | Subject is auto-populated, type in if you want to edit the subject | add in the Content | click on Send Email.

The Attachment and the Prescription have added to the Email automatically.

6. You can Edit or Delete the Document details by clicking on the three vertical dots at the extreme right of the screen.

7. A Correspondence window will open for Edit option, you can download the Document by clicking on the Download icon | you can edit the File Name, File Category, Date | you can select the name of the Staff from the Send/Received By field | you can add Notes and Save.

8. Once the Document is saved and the email is sent, you can access it from Past Others in the summary section. Click on Communications and the email sent will be listed here.

9. Click on Past EMR| the Document will appear in the File list. You can also mark the document as Important by clicking on the Flag icon to turn on.

10. The important documents list will be shown in the patient medical summary screen under Important Documents tab.

Updated on: 05/06/2023

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