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How can a Nurse send documents and visits for Signing

A nurse can go about completing her tasks. Whichever tasks need signing by the Practitioner will be identified by Clinicea and sent for review to the Practitioner automatically. Nothing extra needs to be done by the Nurse. This is driven based on the permissions you have given to the nurse.

Let us best understand this by means of an example.

Assume that we have signed in as a nurse to Clinicea account.

1. Let us try to attach a document to a patient. Go to Document Manager | Select Patient Documents | Add Doc. | Select File (Image/File etc) | Save.
2. Then go to the Patients Chart and take down some vitals. SAVE & PRINT.
3. The document that the nurse has attached will be sent to the Practitioner’s inbox for signing, as shown below.

Updated on: 15/06/2023

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