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How to set up Document Signing

You can enable a preference that would send every Document or Visit recorded by Nurses, or your Front-Desk Staff, to the Doctor for signing. Let us have a quick look at how to set it up.

1. Tools | Organisation | Select the Organisation | Select Clinical under Preferences.

2. Under Clinical Preferences switch ON “Visits and Documents need to be Signed by a Service Provider”.


3.Now we need to select those users who have the permission to Sign Documents.

a. Goto Tools | Permissions.

b. For every Role who has authority to Sign Documents Ex: Senior Practitioner, Switch On all permissions in Document Manager, especially “Authority to Sign Documents”.

Any visits recorded or documents attached by such users will be auto-approved. The permission to sign documents is not given to you by default like other permissions even if you are the admin of the clinic. It must be explicitly switched ON, in case the Admin of the clinic is a Practitioner.

For everyone else, who are allowed to access Document Manager, but not authorised to sign documents, the permission “Authority to Sign Documents” should NOT be switched on. _Any visits recorded or documents attached by such users will be sent for review and signing by the Practitioner_.

Updated on: 05/06/2023

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