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Use the Windows Task Scheduler to Run Schedule Jobs for Clinicea Desktop Version

You may need to frequently come across Clients who will be using the ‘Clinicea Offline Version’ but requires features which always are triggered via Schedule Jobs. Reminder SMS for Clinics is one such example which requires Schedule Jobs. So, in order to use the reminder SMS feature for Clinicea or other such services which requires Schedule Jobs to execute such tasks, it is necessary that while setting up the Offline Version for the Client, you set up Clinicea’s Schedule Jobs as a part of Windows Task Scheduler in the SERVER Computer.

Let us see how to do this.

Start the Task Scheduler

Log in with a user that as administrator permissions. Then, go to Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Task Scheduler.

Create a scheduled task for the app

In the Task Scheduler window, click or tap “Create Basic Task” in the Actions column on the right. The “_Create Basic Task”_ window is shown, where you create tasks for your Windows computer.

Now in “_Create Basic Task”,_ Enter the Name as ‘_Clinicea_‘ and a suitable ‘_Description_‘ and Click on ‘_Next_‘.

Here, select ‘_Daily_‘ as Clinicea Jobs needs to run Daily and Click on ‘_Next_‘. Now, set the date and the time from when you want to start running the scheduler.

Now in the ‘_Actions_‘ Tab, select ‘_Start a Program_‘.

Click on ‘_Next_‘, and here we need to add the path for running our web service. In ‘_Program/Script_‘, give the path for Chrome as the schedule jobs will be executed via web service calls which needs chrome to Run.

Now , in add Arguments add the path for the schedule tasks. In an Offline machine, the Clinicea runs in the IIS Server. So, we need to supply the path where the scheduled jobs are stored. The Path is as follows:


Now Click ‘_Next_‘ and Check in the Checkbox as shown below and Click on ‘_Finish_‘.

Now the ‘_Properties_‘ Window will open up. From that tab, click on ‘_Trigger_‘ and set the options there as shown in the screenshot below.

If you are scheduling the task on a laptop, tablet or some other device with a battery, go to the ‘_Conditions’_ tab in the Create Task window. There, look for the Power section and uncheck the setting that says “_Start the task only if the computer is on AC power._” This ensures that the task runs at all times, no matter whether your laptop or tablet is using the battery or it is connected to a power plug.

The task is created with the name and settings that you have provided.

Test if the task runs well

In ‘_Task Scheduler’_, double-click (or double-tap) on the ‘_Task Scheduler Library’_, in the column on the left. In the middle of the app window, you see all the tasks that exist. Find the one you created and click or tap on its name. Then, in the Actions panel on the right, click or tap ‘_Run’_. The task should run and launch the file that you selected. Create some test data in Clinicea. When you are manually running the task, make sure that the ‘_Notification Tim_e’ in Clinicea is set same as the Start Time of the Task to get the desired results for SMS and Emails.

We have successfully created a Windows Task for Clinicea Schedule Jobs. Enjoy!

Updated on: 02/06/2023

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