How to give access to Clinicea Desktop to a remote user

There are 2 ways to go about giving remote access to your locally installed version of Clinicea

Option 1:
Give the remote user a Remote Desktop Access ie RDP**, just the way Clinicea has to your server. In that case the remote user will click on a file on her desktop. That will let her login to a computer in your clinic (that computer must be switched on and be available for the remote user to use). Once logged in, she can open the browser and carry on working as if she is on the clinic premises. This is the simplest option.

Option 2:
Slightly more complicated, it requires your network administrator – the guy who set up wifi at the clinic, to setup a VPN Tunnel. Then the remote user can connect her PC to that tunnel and open Clinicea on her browser.

Next Steps, If Option 1 is to be selected

Please check which is the spare computer in your clinic that you will allow the remote user to use. Do not select your server as the spare computer. As the server holds sensitive data such as your entire patient database.

Get the network administrator to open RDP access to that computer

Get the network administrator to make the Clinicea login page as the homepage on the Chrome browser

Send the RDP file to the remote user.

At any steps you need help, just let us know at Support.

Updated on: 02/06/2023

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