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How to check new features in Clinicea

Clinicea is a fast growing platform with several updates coming out every few months. Each time an update comes out, you can in a click go over the new features and associated changes:

a. The very first time you Login into Clinicea after an update, you will get a message “New Version is getting loaded. This will take a few extra seconds. Click here to learn about the exiciting new features”

To view the updates you have to click on “Click here”.

b. This will take you to the Release Notes in a new window. There will be a list of New Features & Update in the current and previous releases.

c. If you want to see the release notes later on, that just click on your Name on the top-right hand side, besides Sigh-out | Click on Release Notes to have a look at the feature.

Updated on: 14/06/2023

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