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2023 May Release

Each year we try to push the envelope. This one is focuses on empowering clinics with the next gen tools of patient engagement. So smarter questionnaires, feedbacks, multi lingual patient portal, the list is long. Do have a look and get in touch to take a demo of the new features. :).

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Clinic Announcements

You can now broadcast announcements to all your patients using the Patient Portal. A pending notification will appear on the dashboard when there is a new announcement.

Goto to Tools | Organization | Select the head organisation | Scroll down to Preferences | Click Patient Portal Settings.

Enter the message you want to broadcast.

Once the announcement is published, patients get to see an notification icon in the patient portal.

On clicking the notification, you can see the dashboard messages.

Patient Medication Feedback

A patient can share feedback about each medication that they are prescribed. They need to goto the Medications tab and just click on the feedback icon.

The feedback appears in the patient's chart in the EMR.

New Rules of Engagement are here

You now have a dedicated new area to handle advanced aspects of engagement with your patient. A lot of customisations have been introduced, such as self-signup off your website, updating of data for family members, 2-way communication etc.

Similarly, you will find several new automated reminders for patient portal under Communication Preferences.

Introducing Self-Signup with 2-step Verification

Patient's get to see the option to login or signup. Let me show you how signup can be configured.

You can enable it by going to your Organization Preferences | Click Patient Portal Settings.

All patients who signup get put in a review box. You get notified each time a patient signups on email/sms as per your preference. You also get a visual cue as shown below to show a patient is awaiting review after putting in a registration request.

You can view all patients whose registration application needs your review by clicking on the notification bell icon.

You can approve or reject a registration request. Each case supports notifications to the clinic as well as to the patient.

During rejection a reason is mandatory.

You can also filter through past approvals and rejections.

These are the rejects. you can view the rejection reason too.


Patient portal is now available in Spanish and supports the patient's timezone.:).

You can configure it by opening the demographic and clicking the Patient Portal Settings.

You can now enter the patients preferred time zone and language. Right now English and Spanish are supported.

This is what a patient whose language preference is set to 'Spanish' sees when he tries to login to the patient portal.

New Paperwork

After successful review, once the patient is registered, you can configure new patient paperwork to be auto-senr to him.

New Permissions

You can now control if the patient can edit his profile in the portal, as well as whether he can upload images.


Intelligent Co-Assist

The casesheets keep evolving, getting smarter with each iteration. It now has a co-assist feature which gives you the ability, to dig in deeper into a patient's history, without lifting a finger. Based on the answers in the intake form, Clinicea can probe in deeper and ask relevant, specific follow-ups. Ex: You ask in the clinicea casesheet Do you have diabetes ? - if the patient answers yes to that, Clinicea can followup with questions such as: Is there a F/H of Diabetes?, Initial Onset?, Last FBS Reading and so forth. This is an extremely powerful feature as it goes further and deeper into the clinical process, handling extremely complex situations, while understanding that a Yes/No answer may not always work. It can pickup positive affirmations, abnormal deviations, nested questions and answers and more. This is being launched in Beta. If this interests you, please get in touch at support@clinicea.com to discuss how this can be of help to your clinic.


Mass Campaigns

You now have the ability to send out mass messages to all the leads/patients in the report. Messages could be in the form of SMS, Email or Whatsapp (requires a valid Whatsapp account to be configured in Clinicea). This is available under the Reports module.

NOTE: This feature is only for transactional use. Marketing messages are prohibited as per terms of usage of our email Service Provider i.e. Amazon SES. By disallowing marketing messages we assure that your emails enjoy a high reputation with a low spam score. it ensures your emails will reach the user's inbox, instead of the spam folder.


New Features

Several new feature being introduced: Pause, Extend, Change, Renew or Cancel a Membership. You can even view logs for when the membership got applied or changed for a patient.

Assign a Membership to a patient

To assign a membership, you just need to open the patient demographics and click "Assign Membership". You can now assign multiple memberships.

Membership Stickers

Once assigned, wherever you search a patient, you will see a membership icon appearing next to the patient name. On click you can see active memberships, along with expiry dates for on-schedule easy renewals.

Membership Billing

Memberships can now be sold for a price i.e. they can be billed. Configure it under Tools | Promotions | Memberships.

Membership List

You can see the no: of members at a glance and click on the count to see detailed membership data.

This is the list of members that appears on clicking the count.

Membership Communication

A plethora of new communication preference to handle every aspect of membership communication.


You can now have patients complete the online booking process by identifying them using OTP or a custom defined ID i.e. national identifier


You can prompt for additional custom question when collecting feedback.


Download Files

1-click option added to download files from past visits in EMR.


Notification on File upload

Each time a patient uploads a file, you can configure that a notification be sent to you.

Clinic team members will also get a real-time notification on file upload.

Notification on Client Paperwork

Each time a patient completed filling out some paperwork, remotely, you can configure that a notification be sent to you.

Notification on Medication Feedback

Each time a patient shares some medication feedback, you can configure that a notification be sent to you.

Follow-up post appointment

You can now conduct a survey xx days after an appointment is complete.

Auto check out Options

Earlier you could auto check out all only engaged patients at the end of the day. Now you can enable this for other appointment statuses too.

Birthday Greetings

Birthday greetings now support SMS and email. Earlier there was only one option, to email.


Self-Cancellation of appointments via the online option now supports notifications to patients.

2nd Appointment Reminder Changes

You now have many additional options for 2nd appointment reminder.

3rd Appointment Reminder Changes

You can now send a 3rd appointment reminder several days in advance. Earlier it could only be sent upto 1 day before.

Some more features are also coming soon: Logic based on-Demand EMR, 2-Way Communication on other channels, Mass Paperwork.

2023 April Release

Table of Contents


Drag Drop Prompt

Sometimes an appointment may get accidentally dragged and dropped by you, especially when you are on touch devices. To ensure you have a way of knowing this and undoing it if required, we have added a new feature. Each time you move an appointment, you now get a prompt of this change. You also get an option to undo the move.

Staff and/or Resource

We have varying requirements coming in from Clinics, where it sometimes require as part of the workflow to make it mandatory to select a Staff in the appointment. Some clinics requires selection of Resource to mandatory, and others require a combo of both or either. To handle all such permutations were are introducing a new Calendar preference as follows:

Compliance to Best Practises

Minor modification to compliance feature. You can now choose which roles have the permission to unlock the calendar in case of a user's non-compliance.

The prompt on the calendar will appear as follows:


We are launching a brand new module, a year in the making, "Dental EMR 2.0". You can plan treatments, record history, complete items, all while annotating your way on high resolution dental charts. You can set dental recalls - without requiring an appointment, for easy nurse follow-ups. Fully integrated with scheduling, billing, clinical notes and much more.



Refill reminders now extended to support 10 days advance notice. Accessible from the Clinic's Communication Preference.


Corporate Billing

When billing corporates and insurance companies, the workflow can sometimes require the need to get a pre-authorisation. This typically entails getting a approval/reference number from the corporate/insurance co: that then needs to be included in the bill in order for it to get paid. This entire process is now supported in Clinicea.

You can setup this preference by going to Tools | Address Book | Click on Billing Preferences

Setup your Billing Preferences

Then just bill the way you do and you will get prompted to input the authorisation/reference number.

Applying Package Changes for Clinic Chains

For a clinic chain ensuring all clinics have the same package prices just got easier. If you have admin rights, or the right to work across all clinics in Clinicea, then you get a new feature. Each time you save a package, you get a prompt to apply this change across ALL the clinics. Just click yes to make packages consistent across all your locations.

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