• Reporting workload has been shifted to its own dedicated infrastructure. Benefit to you is that you can now export longer date ranges (up to a year), as there is additional computing capacity to handle the same.

  • Incoming SMS fires off an email reminder, to those in-charge of the SMS Inbox. It allows them to respond in real-time to the Patients contacting the clinic via SMS.

  • Insurance Forms can now be completely auto generated. Building automated insurance forms can span from 2 weeks – 4 weeks and is a paid service offered by Clinicea. You just need to share a scanned copy of your insurance form, and we will add support for it, so that it gets auto generated after a patient visit is complete. You can then print or email your Insurance claim. What used to take hours and was prone to errors, will now be a 1-click, 100% accurate process, over on 1-2 seconds. *

  • New Permission added that controls whether a Staff is authorised to write letters on behalf of the Clinic using the Document Manager.

  • When recording a phone call, the clinic gets auto-selected based on the Organisation the Lead belongs to. It prevents human error, and quickness the recording process.

  • Performance Improvements introduced in Callbox Search & Investigations Search.

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