Sometime, Services offered by your Clinic may require use of certain Resources for completion. In such situations you want to ensure that when appointments are being made for such Services, the Resource is also available in the Clinic and gets accordingly booked.

Once you link a Resource to a Service, Appointment scheduling becomes easier. When an Appointment is being scheduled for the Resource, Room 1 and you click on the Reason of Appointment, only those Services which are linked to the Resource will appear on the right hand side flyout.

Let us have a look at how to link a Clinic Resource to a Clinic Service:

For example: Let’s say you want to link the Service ItemGym Session” to the Resource “Room 1”. This is because Room 1 contains all of the gym equipment.

a. Go to Tools | Services | Search or select a Service item from the list and click to open, ex: Gym Session.

b. A Service Item window will open (as shown in Part A) | now scroll down to Select and Add Resource Linked to this Service, select Room 1 from the drop-down menu and click on the Save option from below of the page.

You will see that Room 1 has been added to the Selected Resources.

c. Done! The Resource has been linked to the Service Item. Now, let us schedule an Appointment for the Resource, Room 1 and view all the linked Services.

Appointment Details | click on the +button beside Reason | Bill Items section will open, only those Services that are linked to Room 1 will show.

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