Training for Reception made easy! This article highlights the basic flow of a Clinic Receptionist and how to manage it effectively with the use of Clinicea.


  1. Start by creating a new Appointment for a Patient.

  2. Now, when the Patient arrives, you might want to change their Appointment status.

  3. If by any chance you need to edit the Appointment.

  4. Or even Delete the Appointment.

  5. Need to Search for an Appointment or schedule the next one?

Patient Management

Accessing Patient Details or managing it could not get simpler. Let us have a look at some of the basics of Patient Management.

  1. How to access Patient Details in the most efficient way possible.

  2. Perhaps you need to attach some documents to their Patient file. Attaching a document is a cakewalk on Clinicea!

  3. Or take Consent from a Patient?

  4. Do you need to print out Prescriptions created by the Doctor, without having to access the EMR? Easy peasy!

  5. Need Patient Feedback? here you go!


Need to Invoice Patients for the Services and Products provided by the Clinic? Here is a look at some of the basics:

  1. How to create an Invoice and take a Payment, from the Calendar.

  2. Need to view Patient Dues before Invoicing? You can do that from the Calendar too!

  3. Does your Clinic accept Advance payments or allow Patients the option to make Part Payments? Clinicea lets you do both!

  4. Do Patients request you for a list of all their Bills and Payments? No Problem! On Clinicea, you can export Patients Billing transactions onto Excel, Print or even Email them!

  5. And Packages? Do you need to assign them, sell them or simply schedule Appointments for them? We have provision for all that, all you need to do is have a look!


This is not all, we have plenty of features you can explore and use as part of simplifying your Clinic flow. If you have questions, email us at Support and we will answer as quickly as possible.

Too many features and workflows available on Clinicea and you do not know where to start?! Do not worry: have a look at our Getting Started pages!

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