Change is never easy, whether you are changing from your current EMR platform to a new one. Or starting from scratch- paper to digital! Letting go of the old and making room for the new can be terrifying!

On Clinicea however, you can master the basics in little to no time. Let us have a look at some of the basic functions you will need in your day to day clinic activities.

Practitioner Information

From generating Invoices to Prescriptions and Medical Certificates; signing of a document or even managing your Calendar, having your practitioner information in place is absolutely vital! Let us have a look at how:

  1. Fill in your practitioner information under staff, Clinicea will do the rest. Your information will auto-populate onto Prescriptions, letters, Invoices.

Treatment and Documentation

Want to get the most out of your treatment sessions with your Patients in no time? Clinicea has some awesome tools that can only enhance your experience!

  1. Creating Patient Visit Notes is definitely one of them. From note taking to creating a Prescription, its all here!

  2. Get a quick view of the Patients Medical Summary before going further?

  3. Or a peek at their last visit? Here you go!

  4. Want to attach a document, perhaps an older paper-based record or even a lab test to the Patient Chart, easy peasy!

  5. And prescribing medications, something you do every day! Does it get tedious to set protocols each time you Prescribe? Well, then, preset your drug protocols, it cant get easier than that!

  6. Need to order for an Investigation the Patient requires or a bunch of them in one click?

  7. Dont like the default case sheets in your account? Go on then, build your own Case Sheet!

  8. Are you concerned about Patient Progress and want set goals for them? Our Progress Indicators are a visual delight and you are going to LOVE it!

  9. Forgetful Patients? Set-up health reminders for them, simple!

  10. Do you need to sign documents saved by the nurse or other health professionals of your Clinic?

Accessing Clinicea

Always busy? Always on the move, across continents? Access your account from anywhere in the world, we are but a cloud-based EMR!

  1. Access your account while traveling to other time zones!

  2. and hold Tele-Consultation via Video Conferencing

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This is not all, we have plenty of features you can explore and use as part of simplifying your Clinic flow. If you have questions, email us at Support and we will answer as quickly as possible.

Too many features and workflows available on Clinicea and you don’t know where to start?! Don’t worry: have a look at our Getting Started pages!

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