As a Practitioner, you can write letters, prescriptions and more, and then send those documents for printing at your front desk. This saves you time. Let us see how.

How can a Practitioner send Documents to the Print Queue

Ex: Dr. Roger Millers wants to send the patient’s prescription to the print queue.

Open the Patient’s Chart | Click Save & Print | Send to Print.

This will send the document to the Print Queue in the Document Manager.

How documents can be printed by Front Desk Staff

The front-desk staff who has been given the permission (Tools | Permissions | Document Manager | Manage Print Queue) to access the Print Queue can now print this off.

Ex: Dr. Roger Millers has sent a prescription to the Print Queue and now the receptionist will print it off.

1. Tools | Document Manager | Print Queue. Print Queue will show the documents that Dr. Roger Millers has sent for printing.
2. Preview, in case the document needs to be reviewed.
3. Print.

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