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How to Auto-Close a Package
How to Auto-Close a Package
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Clinicea auto-closes a package, if every item in the package has been serviced and billed for.

For example: If a package consists of a set of LHR Hand -12 sittings as the package item, once each packaged item is-

a. Serviced/Completed and

b. Billed

Clinicea will auto-close the package.

1. Let’s look more closely. Here is a sample pending list of packages.

2. LHR Hand- 1, 2 and 3 are Serviced and Billed, so nothing more to do here.

3. LHR Hand– 4 has been billed but not serviced. So the package would not auto-close as this item needs to be serviced.

4. Similarly, LHR Hand- 5 has been serviced, but not billed. So the package would not auto close as this item needs to be billed.

5. Once, the last package item is serviced and billed, the package will auto-close and appear as completed. To view the package as completed, go to Financials | Search Package.

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