When you need to update Inventory pricing across multiple clinics, the process is a little different. Let us see how to do this.

1. Click on Inventory and click on the relevant inventory from the Inventory List.

2. It opens the Inventory Details page | Click on Applies To…

3. If you have a few Clinics you can use the Search option to search by Clinic Name. Once the desired Clinic Name appears on the screen, click on the 3 Dots next to the Clicnic Name and then edit.

4. This opens the Applies To… window with the Clinic Name auto-populated already. Add Inventory Pricing | Tax | Save. The settings get saved for the Selected Clinic.

5. If you are Multi Clinic chain and have multiple clinics in each city then it becomes difficult to use the above feature. So in such as case, you also have the option to mass upload this inventory to multiple accounts at the same time. For this, we click on Apply to Clinics and click on Mass to add the inventory to multiple clinics.

6. Once you click on Mass, you have the option to add the inventory in a few different ways.

(a).Selecting Circle allows you to select from the list of predefined circles. (For more info click on How to group Clinics into Circles).
(b). Selecting Clinic allows you to select individual clinics from the entire clinic list.
(c). Selecting All Clinics allows you to add the inventory all clinics as the name suggests.
After this is done enter the pricing and click on save. You are routed back to the Inventory Details Page. Click save again and you are done.

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