Pharmaceutical Products need to maintain their batch number and associated expiry dates for dispensing through the Pharmacy. For such products you can enable batching as follows:

1. Go to Inventory | Search or Select an Inventory Item and click to open.

2. Go to Inventory Details | Switch ON Maintain Incoming Stock By Batch No | Configure batching by selecting the type of batching from the drop-down menu of Dispense outgoing stock by | Save.

Based on the dispensing option you select for this Inventory item, at the time of billing, the batch can get auto-selected with ‘0’ clicks. There are 4 dispensing options for Inventory Items that support batching.

1. FIFO – Bill will auto select the oldest batch when you add an inventory item to the bill. So if there are 2 batches of this stock once that came in Jan, the other in Feb, the batch from Jan will be picked.

2. LIFO – Bill will auto select the latest batch when you add an inventory item to the bill. Similarly, the batch in Feb will be picked.

3. Manual – At the time of Billing the pharmacist will manually select the batch. This approach has the maximum control but no automation as everything is manual.

4. Expiry – At the time of billing, upon selecting the inventory which is set to be dispensed as per expiry date, inventory expiring first will be billed first.

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