A Loyalty Program allows Patients to earn points by spending a certain amount and lets them redeem the points in future purchases. Being able to assign Points manually to a patient gives you greater control over rewarding your patients. This is something that you may use when a Patient leaves a Good Review about the clinic or services offered on a social media platform, make-up for bad service, etc.

**Before you manually assign any points, you need to complete the below steps first.

1. Go to Tools | Dropdown, a Dropdown window will open. Next, scroll down and select Manual Points Reason from the list available on the left.

2. Now enter the reason under the Item tab and under Value enter the number of points that you want to allocate to the reason. Once entered, click on the button.

Once this is complete, let us now see how Loyalty Points are assigned manually.

1. Open the Patient Demographics and under Basic Details, scroll to the middle of the page and you will see Points. Click On Give Free Points.

2. This opens a fly-out on the right of the screen called Manual Points. Select a reason from the dropdown list under Reason and click on save.

3. Once saved, the points now have been added to the Patient’s account. You can view this by going to Financials | Under Search, click on Tx History | Select the Patient. This opens a Transaction History fly-out on the right. Now Click on Points. You will be able to see the Manul Points added along with the reason selected.

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