You may have noticed a Patient’s name appear twice when searching under the Patient list. This may be a duplicate patient which may have been registered in error. In such a scenario, you would want all information saved under one patient to avoid any confusion. Well, there is no need to worry anymore. You now have the option to merge such duplicates into one.

Let us see how this is achieved in Clinicea.

1. Search for the duplicate patient using their name. Searching by name maximizes the chances of listing out all the patients with the same name. Easier to identify the duplicates then.

2. Now select and open the demographics/details of the Patient. Next, click on More Options and click on Merge.

3. Now a Merge Patient window opens. Here click on “Select the Patient to be merged and then deleted“. Select the patient from the fly that opens on the right of the screen.

4. Once the Patient has been selected, just click on Merge Patient. That is it.

5. You are now directed back to the Patient list Page and if you now search for the patient again, you should find only one. Duplicate patient information has been now merged.

Note: Please note that the Medical History of the patient is not merged when merging two Patients.

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