Refunds can be issued only to Patients who have an existing “Available Advance balance” at the Clinic.
Available Advance Balance = Total Advance Payment Total of Outstanding in Bills.

For Example, let us consider a patient Mr. Doraemon. He has an advance of Rs. 10000 in his account. He also has a due amount of Rs. 3000 to be paid for a bill. Now, He wants a refund. In this case, Mr. Doraemon will be allowed a refund of maximum Rs. (10000-3000)= Rs. 7000. His Advance amount will be shown as Rs. 7000 (not 10000) in the issue refund screen.

In order to issue a Refund do as follows:

1. Go to Financials | click on the New Refund | Search and select a patient.

2. An Issue Refund window will open | Enter Refund Amount | select Payment Mode | Save.
The refund amount cannot exceed the advance balance.

3. You will automatically be diverted to the Search Bill section of Financials and the Refund receipt will show here.

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