Clinicea lets you connect an external calendar so that your Clinicea schedule can be viewed from other calendars like iCal, Google Calendar, and Outlook. One thing to keep in mind is that this is a one-way sync, so if you make updates to your schedule while logged into Clinicea, those updates will be pushed to your external calendar. However, if you make updates to your schedule on your external calendar, they would not be pushed back to Clinicea.

Let us see on how you can enable Syncing of your Clinicea Appointments with an External Calendar.

Go to Tools | Staff Profile | Open your profile | My Preferences | Copy the link titled “Link to Sync External Calendars“. Save this URL.

 Now that we have the URL for syncing Clinicea to an External Calendar, Please find the guidelines below to setup the different External Calendar.

  1. Setup Google Calendar.

  2. MS Outlook Calendar.

  3. Apple Calendar/iCloud Sync

  4. Sync to an iPad/iPhone

Note: ***Please make sure to keep this URL secure, as anyone with this address can subscribe to your calendar***.

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