It may be helpful for the front desk to determine on the Calendar, which appointments are for patients with services on packages and which are for patients who are coming for a standalone service in order to save time. Let us see how to do it.

  1. Let us suppose, there is a service called LHR Full Legs. This service is also included in a package called Full Body LHR. Now assign a color to the service LHR Full Legs. This can be done in the following way-

Go to Tools | Services | Select a service name | Under Service Item, scroll down and add Duration and Color | Save.
An Appointment Template will automatically be created by this service name and color code and added to the appointment template list.

Or you may Go to Tools | Appointment templates | Add new | Enter the details and select a color | Save.
You can then link this template to any service you want by going to Tools | Services | Select a service | Link the service to appointment template.

2. Now create 2 different appointments in the Calendar, wherein one add a service, LHR Full Legs. In the 2nd add LHR Full legs from a package which in this case is Full Body LHR.

Thus, on the calendar, there are 2 appointments, with the same service, with same color codes. But in case of the package, there is a 

sign to the top right of the appointments. This is also shown on the appointment list on the left. 

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