Not all staff at the Clinic would need use appointments. It is usually only the Practitioners who need to give appointments to patients. In order to set up Staff for taking Appointments:

1. Go to Tools | Staff | New Staff  or select and click on staff name to open.


2. By clicking on New Staff and the Staff Details window will open. Now enter the staff name and other details as desired. Below staff name click on Takes Appointments | Save. If a staff name is added with a prefix Dr. to it then the Takes Appointments  option automatically takes the status Yes.


3. Now go to Calendar | Select Practitioners and Resources, a new window will open | select The desired practitioner| Apply.


4. The Staff can now take appointments. Go to Calendar and click on an available time slot to make an appointment | Appointment window will open | click on the drop-down menu in Practitioner and the staff name will appear for appointment taking.

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